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About Michelle’s Homemade Putong Ube

Indulge in flavors that are distinct and deeply-rooted to the Filipino taste. Our homemade rice cakes and delicacies are specially made with premium ingredients that comes with creamy goodness and bursts with flavor in every bite.

Michelle’s Putong Ube

Rice cakes or puto are a mainstay in Filipino delicacies and an all-time Pinoy favorite. But unlike other businesses selling rice cakes, we wanted to make our puto different from others or those that you could buy in the market. We thought of making our own recipe using real galapong with pure ube and mixed it with the finest and freshest ingredients to create delicious puto with true goodness in every bite. With this vision in mind, we experimented with other ingredients and flavors in our humble kitchen where it all began and Michelle's Putong Ube came to be.

With homemade creations made only from the finest hand-picked ingredients, we thought about bringing Michelle's Putong Ube closer to our customers beyond our home. Because rice cakes are reminiscent of Filipino festivities and family gatherings, we started selling our creations in Christmas bazaars. That is how everything started. Much to our surprise, customers warmly welcomed our homemade creations and through word of mouth, Michelle's Putong Ube became known. We also started selling in community markets and food fairs, more orders came in, and word about our brand spread fast. In no time, we had to open stores and outlets to bring our products much closer to our customers.

Today, Michelle’s Putong Ube products are available in 18 company-owned stores and mall outlets across the Philippines, offering a variety of flavors made from top ingredients packed full of natural goodness. Our flavors are tailored to suit the taste of our customers, distinct and deeply-rooted to the Filipino taste to ensure satisfaction.

For 18 years, our customers have been indulging in our homemade Filipino delicacies made from premium ingredients that are freshly prepared in our kitchen. With every bite comes creamy goodness bursting with flavor that is reminiscent of the Filipino taste, from our humble kitchen to a wider neighborhood – this is Michelle's Putong Ube.

Michelle’s Homemade

With the success of Michelle’s Putong Ube, we wanted to share the flavors of home to our customers by adding our personal Filipino delicacy favorite. Like many Pinoys, we love banana chips, so we went ahead and developed our own recipe. We put together everything we love about it - not too sweet, not too oily, crunchy and positively addicting. This is how Michelle's Homemade Golden Sana Banana Chips came to be. After our banana chips became a hit, we decided to make Michelle’s Homemade a one stop shop for finding the best Filipino delicacies. We explored a variety of Pinoy favorites and added some twists to our recipes while introducing new ones. First was our innovative Chocolate Covered Banana Chips then we started offering other Filipino delicacies like Halayang Ube and Lengua de Gato as well as pastries like flavored tarts, luscious Napoloenes bars, and Oatmeal Crisps.

We brought our products closer to our customers by joining bazaars and food fairs where our homemade creations were well-received. And because our customers found satisfaction in our Filipino homemade delicacies which we prepared with pride, word spread fast about Michelle’s Homemade. We started branching out from our main store in Mandaluyong and continued to open new stores and mall outlets. We also started offering some of our products in various sizes as we adapted to our customers' needs. This, all done where every product began - right at home.

Since then, the feedback to Michelle’s Homemade has been amazing and the consistent excellent reception of our products have been heartwarming. What started out in a little home kitchen has now grown to 18 company-owned stores and outlets across the Philippines. Michelle's Homemade products can also be found in The Duty Free Philippines and SM Kultura – two of the largest Filipino lifestyle retail chains in the country – and in countries as far as Korea, Canada, China, and the US. From humble beginnings creating products at our kitchen to reaching homes in different countries – this experience is truly a blessing.